Jewel Toned Crackled Eggs – Deviled or Hard Boiled

It’s almost Easter time! Easter is one of my favorite holidays – it is incredibly important to me for it’s religious meaning, a wonderful holiday to celebrate with a big dinner with family and friends, and heralds springtime, flowers, and new Easter dresses. ūüôā

eggs on a cutting board

I’ve been very big on hosting Easter lunches since I moved away from home, to maintain a semblance of tradition, and to bring people together as holidays definitely require. This is one of my favorite things to make for Easter celebrations. I love bringing the eggs in bright, multi-colors, for friends to enjoy. I usually turn these eggs into deviled eggs, which are now hipster trendy in New York, and one of my favorite foods. I’ve brought these eggs to house parties, big Easter brunches, and even once a picnic we had in this lovely park in Northern Virginia.

park on Easter

So definitely make these! You need only start the day before you want to serve them, and while the whole process is relatively easy, do¬†be prepared – peeling them can take time! But it’s so worth it, for the stunning jewel toned edible eggs.

Eggs in a row

I’ve include the recipe for dying them below, and a simple recipe for delicious deviled eggs as well. Also, PS, these photos I’ve uploaded here span three Easters – from 2011 when I first started making these, to today. I only skipped Easter 2013 because that was the weekend I moved to Liberia, but otherwise, these are a holiday staple for me. Let me know if you make them into your own tradition, and happy Easter all, enjoy!

close up on the red egg

Crackled Eggs

I usually make a dozen of these at a time. No matter how many you want to make, just make sure that you have enough vessels for the eggs РI use porcelain bowls, tupperware containers, even cleaned out repurposed aluminum cans to dye them in.

Liquid food coloring
Dozen eggs, hard boiled

Pull out all the bowls/containers/vessels that you want to use and fill with water (the temperature doesn’t matter). Depending on the colors you want, add the food coloring drop by drop to turn the water your preferred color, averaging about 20 drops a bowl. Here’s a few suggestions from the McCormick’s food coloring box:

  • 3 red + 17 yellow¬†= “orange sunset”
  • 5 red + 15 blue = “pretty purple”
  • 5 blue + 15 green = teal (my favorite!)
  • 14 red + 6 blue = “dusty rose”

Yellow doesn’t show up too well on the eggs so I wouldn’t recommend that color. Orange is nice through still quite light, but still a nice contrast to red or purple eggs, as¬†the pictures above show.

Once the bowls are ready,¬†get the eggs ready. Wrapping one egg at a time in a paper towel, roll it on your counter, cracking the shell thoroughly. Be careful not to start to pull the shell off, or cut into the egg. It’s not terrible if it happens, but will affect how the egg will look at the end!

Once you’re happy with the amount of shell cracking, place the eggs into the bowls.

Once all eggs are cracked and in bowls, place the bowls into your fridge. Leave overnight.

The next day, pull the bowls out of the fridge. One at a time, carefully remove the shells from the eggs. Discard the shells, and marvel at the beautiful crackled eggs you have in your hands!

Also, the debris from the eggs is quite beautiful in and of itself!
Also, the debris from the eggs is quite beautiful in and of itself!

You can eat the eggs as hard boiled, but if you want to go the next step, you can find the deviled eggs recipe below.

time for the deviled eggs close up

Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe

Recipe from

12 hard-cooked eggs
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon dry ground mustard
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
Paprika for garnish

Cut each egg in half lengthwise. Pop the yolks out of the eggs into a bowl, and mash with a fork.

Add the mayonnaise, dry ground mustard, vinegar, salt and black pepper. Mix together thoroughly.

Using a piping bag, or a plastic bag with the edge cut off, or a spoon, fill the whites with the yolk mixture. Sprinkle a bit of paprika on top, serve, and enjoy!

and even more deviled eggs


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